Canyoning holidays Pelion Greece

Would you like to jump off high waterfalls? Would you like to walk behind the waterfalls as well? If so then you have come to the right place because we can offer it to you! Canyoning Holidays Pelion Greece are the prefect way to find out the inner adrenaline junkie.

Image of canyoningCanyoning is the sport of jumping into a fast-flowing mountain stream. Also, allowing oneself to be carried downstream at high speed. It is also one of the highest adrenaline activities you can do in Greece! 

The best way of describing a Canyoning Holiday Pelion Greece is where you undertake activities and the simplest way of explaining Canyoning is; white water rafting but without the raft, in other words more adrenaline! With our guides, you would get to your destination by various ways and means but it includes a lot of high intensity walking.

What do Canyoning Holidays Pelion Greece involve?

You don’t necessarily have to be as fit as a fiddle but it does involve a lot of exercise and adrenaline all at once which means you would have to be able to keep up with the rest of your party. Canyoning Holidays Pelion Greece requires quite a of physical fitness. It can be relatively demanding due to it involving a lot of adrenaline, swimming, jumping and walking.

Canyoning Holidays generally involve; sliding down rapids, swimming through rapids, going down fast flowing chutes, floating through waves, walking behind breath-taking waterfalls, and jumping off the frightening waterfalls of Greece.

image of canyoningA wetsuit, buoyancy aid and a helmet will be necessities to carry out a Canyoning Holiday. We have been running Canyoning Holidays for many years and have discovered the most challenging, exciting, fast paced and adventurous experience possible for all of your adrenaline junkies out there! The time of the Canyoning experience depends on how much your party can handle but we can change the experience for a specific ability because our most experienced course is mainly for adrenaline junkies!

If you would like a more leisurely holidays, then maybe consider our walking holidays.

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