Pelion Weddings

Weddings in Pelion, Greece

Pelion weddings are every brides and grooms dream. Would you like to voice your wedding vows in an unforgettable location? Live your magical and memorable moments on the mythical Pelion Mountain!

Pelion is situated at the south-eastern part of Thessaly in Central Greece. It is a mountain full of natural beauty and was one of the inspirational settings for the making of the film Mama Mia.

Getting married in beautiful Pelion.

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Pelion Wedding Venues

There is a wide range of romantic wedding settings here in Pelion, Greece. A popular choice, which is also the pride of the villages are the flag-stoned squares. There are lots of different options whether you are looking for a large location or small and cosy, there is something for you. Each square has an elegant Orthodox church bathed in the shade of plane or linden trees. Tavernas are located in the squares. This means that everything is close by. This gives Pelion wedding guests easy access to the wedding reception just a few strides away.

Some of the other stunning wedding venues are situated on the sandy beaches of Papa Nero, Plaka and Damouchari Harbour which is where part of Mama Mia was filmed.Image of bride and best man

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Traditional Pelion weddings in Greece

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Local customs of the village weddings in Pelion are very strongly embedded in Traditional Greek culture. In North East Pelion celebrations take place one week preceding the actual marriage ceremony. Many of the villagers will be invited to the making of the matrimonial bed.  Gifts of money will be showered on to the bed and often a young boy is thrown on to the bed signifying a wish for the first child to be born a boy.  There is also the celebration of making home-made miniature goodies to offer as presents to wedding guests after the wedding.

First of all, on the day of the wedding the village barber will be summoned to the groom’s home and given a wet shave. Simultaneously, accompanied by the tune of a “Clarino” the bride will be extensively pampered by her hairdresser and beautician in the excitable company of all her friends and relations. Her wedding shoes will be brought to her on a tray by waiters who wear a handkerchief around their shoulders.

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Your Pelion Wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony itself will be a jovial affair attended by most families from the village. The highlight of the ceremony is the exchanging of the two “Stefani” (garlands), white and decorated with beads and delicate material. These are crossed and entwined above the happy couples’ head. This signifies the bonding of the couple.  At the end of the vows one of the couple will try to outwit the other by being the first to stamp on the other’s foot. This is because whoever is first would be considered as the dominant partner in the future relationship.

Finally, the service will end with guests showering the Bride and Groom with rice. On leaving the church the guests will be offered a memento of the wedding. Usually, “coufetas” which are sugar coated almonds encased in delicate material with ribbons.

The wedding party will then walk a few steps to the taverna where the reception will be held.

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