Sea Kayaking and Paddle Board Holidays

Damouhari  is a hamlet on the Aegean side of Pelion. In the present day this is an excellent base for Sea kayaking and Paddle board holidays. Until a few decades ago all merchandise in the area was transported by mule train. They did this on the cobbled mule-paths winding their way through olive groves and chestnut forests  to the mountain villages of Tsagarada and Mouresi . With the opening of roads and advent of the motor vehicle. Damouhari lost its importance as a trading station but gained popularity. It is now a miniature sea-side resort that offers lucky visitors a retreat from the grind of urban life.

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The Sea-kayaking and paddle board holidays provides opportunities. Opportunities to submerge one’s self in the quiet serenity of nature and a simple life.  The base for these activities being namely one of the two horse shoe shaped inlets. These are separated by a narrow tongue of land. On it still stands the ruins. It’s an old castle that once kept watch over ships and the inhabitants.

Sea Kayaking and Paddle Board Holidays – The beaches

One of the inlets is the harbour. Proud of the brightly coloured fishing boats, Sea kayaking and paddle boards bobbing in the waves. The other is a spectacular, primitive beach resplendent in its dazzling white pebbles and turquoise water.  The best way to discover  this rocky verdant coast, forbidding and luring, is with the “Shakayak” programme who will provide all the information about Sea-kayaking and Paddle Board Holidays. Of course there are opportunities on the sea kayaking trips to see beyond Damouhari and enjoy some of the most  stunning beaches in Pelion.

This is a hospitable family business which has had its roots for generations in Damouhari. They also  without doubt have excellent local knowledge.  Furthermore they are happy to advise which programme would be the most suitable for your needs.